Technical Activities of CIGRE

Technical Activities of CIGRE

The technical activities of CIGRE are undertaken and managed by the Technical Committee (TC) and Study Committees (SCs). The primary objectives of a Study Committee are to promote the exchange of information on all aspects within its field of activity and to organise and undertake studies for the progress of both techniques and knowledge within its field. Working Groups (WGs) are setup to perform specific technical activities/studies which are expected to be undertaken within limited and pre-determined periods of time.

The Technical Committee (TC)

  • Coordinates the activities of CIGRE Study Committees.

Study Committees (SCs):

  • Select the study areas to be initiated
  • Specify the contents of these study areas
  • Monitor the progress of work
  • Approve publications being produced on behave of the SC

Working Groups (WGs):

  • Perform the studies, in accordance with the Terms of Reference (TOR) which have been approved by the TC Chairman.

CIGRE strongly encourages the active participation of members in the full range of its activities. If you would like more information on how to contribute to the technical activities of a Study Committee or Working Group please review the relevant guide below

·        CIGRE INC Guide for Working Group Members 

·        CIGRE INC Guide for Study Committee Members