Benefits of the Next Generation Network (NGN)

The NGN has been established for young professionals in the power industry. Advantages of membership include access to the knowledge contained in CIGRE publications, opportunities for personal development, chances to get involved in Working Groups, access to technical events and the opportunity to network with engineers from around the world.

Benefits to Members

Whether you are a PhD student, researcher, or a member of an industrial company, the benefits of membership are clear:


  • Access to state of the art technical knowledge and information via a whole range of communications media like CIGRE’s ELECTRA journal and e-CIGRE website (CIGRE’s online library).
  • Monthly newsletter includes information on upcoming events, reports from recent events and news from around the CIGRE organisation.


  • Access to Working Groups and key contacts and the facility to take part in the technical work of CIGRE.
  • Access to the biennial Paris Session (a highlight of CIGRE’s technical activities).
  • Access to dedicated NGN events in the Ireland (annual events, technical visits, lectures, etc.) as well as CIGRE and CIGRE Ireland events.


  • The opportunity to interact with colleagues across the world in your areas of interest and thereby gain from their experience.
  • Enhance your professional and social network at events and via LinkedIn.


  • Opportunities to improve key skills for Professional Development, such as: communication, organisation, planning and technical knowledge.
  • The chance to be at the heart of the latest developments in the fields of electrical power engineering and technology while developing an international profile for yourself and your business.
  • A mentoring scheme.
  • As well as the many benefits of membership and active participation with the NGN, you will also provide CIGRE with fresh ideas and approaches to problems while also providing the next generation of engineers for the power industry and CIGRE.

Benefits to Employers

  • Free membership for the first 2 years
  • A great development tool.
  • Encourages team working and industry networking.
  • Working Group involvement.
  • Best practices from around the industry are fed back in to work.