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August 15, 2017

We can be very proud of the successful hosting of the CIGRE Symposium from 29 May to 2nd June at Trinity College Dublin. It was a huge event in the history of CIGRE in Ireland, the first time that Ireland has hosted such a Symposium. The event was successful in every aspect – technically, logistically, attendance and socially. 472 delegates from 26 countries attended.

The Symposium theme was “Experiencing the Future Power System… Today” and focussed on:

  • Assessing the future Power System by looking at new and innovative technologies, practices and policies that are being deployed around the world
  • Considering the range of innovative solutions being employed and trialled in power system
  • Addressing the needs of the electricity industry evolution in the face of rapidly changing energy policy and societal needs

The supporting Study Committees were:

  • C1  System Development and Economics (Lead SC)
  • C2  System Operation and Control
  • C4  System Technical Performance
  • C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation
  • C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation
  • B2 Overhead Lines