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December 21, 2018

CIGRE Ireland’s Protection Technical Forum will take place on Thursday January 31st 2019. The forum is intended to enable engineers working in the area of distribution, transmission, and power plant protection to share their experience and discuss challenges facing the industry.

Venue: ESBI Offices, Dublin Airport. Limited on-site parking will be available.

Date: Thursday, 31st January, 2019

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Draft Agenda (subject to change)

9.00: Welcome and introduction

9.10: Quick roundtable of introductions and pressing protection questions and issues

9.30: Impact of decreasing short circuit levels and inertia on distribution and transmission protection

o Wind turbine generator fault characteristics and wind farm protection

o Impact of wind farm protection performance and decreasing inertia on transmission grid reliability

o Impact of distributed energy resources on distribution protection

11.00: Tea & Coffee

11.15: Earth Fault Protection and Fault investigations

o Impact of Overhead Line Mutual Coupling on Protection – Background and Mitigation

o Earth Fault Protection Misoperations and Settings

12.15: Lunch (provided)

13.00: Hands-on Demo Session on Power Swings: Background, Mitigation, and Relay Testing

o Audience are split into 3 groups who will rotate between desks every 20 minutes.

o Desk 1: Why Power Swings occur, Impact on Protection, and How to Model and Simulate

o Desk 2: Protection Relay Power Swing Detection and Blocking Functions

o Desk 3: Commissioning Protection Relay Power Swing Blocking Functions

14.00: Controlled-switching on Transformers, Reactors, and Capacitor banks

o Past experience with Controlled Capacitor Bank Switching

o Application of Controller Switching to Transformers, Reactors, and Lines

14.45: Tea & Coffee

15.00: Protection of Large Synchronous Generators

o Impact of Decreasing Grid Inertia on Generator Protection

o Fault Investigation of a Reverse Power Protection Maloperation

o Failure of Generator-Transmission Grid Protection Coordination

16.00: Overview of a Recent Cigre B5 WG Technical Brochure

o Cigre TB 637, 2015: Acceptance, commissioning, and field testing techniques for protection and automation systems

16.15: Cigre B5 Protection International Activities

o Recent B5 technical brochures

o Introduction to Cigre KMS and e-Cigre

16:30: Wrap-up

o Review of the day

o Future Plans for Cigre B5 Protection Activities in Ireland

16:45: Ends