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April 3, 2017

Cigre Paris 2018 – Call for papers

Paris Central Office has issued the call for papers for the 2018 Paris Session 47. The 2016 Session was very successful with 3290 delegates from 93 countries and 550 papers submitted for discussion group meetings and associated poster sessions. A great opportunity to contribute to a world audience of experts!!

For details of the Preferential Subjects, please download the Call for Papers at:

As required by Central Office, CIGRE INC will be screening all synopses and selecting the papers to be submitted under the Irish National Committee allotment. Synopses are now requested. The deadline for receipt of synopses by Irish National Committee is 1st May 2017.

Ireland has been well represented at recent CIGRE Conferences and we hope that this will continue in 2018. Members are encouraged to prepare synopses and help to maintain Ireland’s strong record in number and quality of papers submitted in recent years. READ MORE at the links above.